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Al-jon believes close working relationships with our customers is the best way to focus on Keeping it Simple, Building it Strong. It is a crucial part of Al-jon’s commitment to quality. We listen to our customers when they communicate their problems, ideas and praise regarding the solid waste and scrap recycling equipment we build. We take great pride in knowing we have satisfied customers.

Here is what just a few of them have to say…

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Scrap and Auto Recycling Equipment Solid Waste Equipment

Scrap and Auto Recycling Equipment

Johnleft quoteThe production capability of our 580CL car logger/baler exceeds anything else we’ve ever tried. It’s great! If you’re outside Arkansas, you should buy one. I just hope there aren’t many sold near me.right quote

– John Cunningham — Cunningham Metals; Russellville, Arkansas

Mickleft quoteAfter seeing others in operation, we think Al-jon makes the best machines on the market. When we moved up to our 580CL, we sold our first machine, an Al-jon 400XL, for almost what we paid for it – after two years of hard use. We’re overjoyed with Al-jon performance.right quote

– Mick Pickett — Pickett Salvage, LLC; Boxholm, Iowa

Johnleft quoteWhy did we buy Al-jon? Because we knew it would hold up. Al-jon makes great equipment!right quote

– Bud West — Bud’s Iron & Metal; Van Buren, Arkansas

Johnleft quoteWe loved our old Al-jon 580CL. But our new one is faster and uses less fuel. Our 580CL is the biggest, toughest machine they could make portable. It’s a wonderful balance between strength and weight savings to stay highway legal.right quote

– Rick Smith — Smitty’s Incorporated; Axtell, Kansas

Johnleft quoteThanks to Al-jon efficiency we make a decent living – in spite of low scrap prices. Getting the job done was once 10% machine and 90% operator. But it’s the other way around with Al-jon.right quote

– Don Roemer — Cascade Metal Recycling; Grant’s Pass, Oregon

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Solid Waste Equipment

Johnleft quoteThe compaction is fantastic. The wheels stay clean no matter what you’re driving through.right quote

– Vern Anderson — Scott Area Landfill in Iowa

Johnleft quoteOur Al-jon unit will pay for itself in 3 to 5 years – just on saved air space. We’re getting 1,800 to 2,000 pounds of compaction daily, compared to 1,200 to 1,400 pounds with our old yellow machine. Al-jon service is just phenomenal!right quote

– Mike Paral — Kewaunee County Solid Waste; Kewaunee, Wisconson

Johnleft quoteWe expect our air space to last an extra 20 years, thanks to our Al-jon 500. As far as I’m concerned only Al-jon makes a real landfill compactor.right quote

– Mark Kunkel — Plymouth County Solid Waste Agency; LeMars, Iowa

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