Scrap & Auto Recycling Equipment

Al-jon provides the best car loggers, scrap metal balers and car crushers in the industry.

Impact V


To make money in the scrap business, you have to crush or bale all you can. Successful operations rely on Al-jon scrap recycling equipment.

In 1963, Al-jon designed and built our first car crusher. We’ve followed a straightforward philosophy – Keep it simple. Build it strong. We have remained true to that promise ever since. Al-jon uses stronger, lighter materials. Instead of expensive high-pressure hydraulic systems, Al-jon uses a reliable low-pressure system with a two-stage pump.


Find out more about our scrap recycling equipment:

  • Al-jon Impact V car crusher – one man can crush and stack five or more cars with manual or remote operation. The Impact V car crusher is completely portable and features automatic cycling.
  • Al-jon 400XL logger baler – this machine can log and bale both loose scrap metal and white goods. The Al-jon 400XL is completely portable and allows for one-man operation. The 400XL is road legal.
  • Al-jon 580CL car logger – this machine is the widest in the industry for faster, easier loading. The 580CL is built the strongest.
  • Al-jon End of Life Vehicle Recycling System (ELV) – How the Al-jon ELV car dismantling system is configured is completely up to you. The ELV is for high volume facilities that want to get every dollar out of a car prior to sending it off to the shredder.
  • Al-jon scrap accessories – get the right accessories to help your business be more profitable and successful.

Why are customers fiercely loyal to Al-jon? Our scrap recycling equipment stays on the job longer with innovations that produce more revenues. Al-jon equipment exceeds 99% uptime and costs less to maintain.

Johnleft quoteThe production capability of our 580CL car logger/baler exceeds anything else we’ve ever tried. It’s great! If you’re outside Arkansas, you should buy one. I just hope there aren’t many sold near me.right quote

– John Cunningham — Cunningham Metals; Russellville, Arkansas

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