ELV Car Dismantling Systems

Load car…Hold Down…Load crusher…Remove for transport.

ELV - Car DismantlingThere are many configurations of Al-Jon’s End of Life Vehicle Recycling System or ELV. The ELV can be built with diesel or electric power, with a pedestal mount crane or a frame mounted crane, with the Impact V Car Crusher or the 580 Car Logger. In addition, the ELV can be operated inside a building or out in the open. How you configure your End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Recycling System is completely up to you.

If you are a high volume facility and you want to get every dollar out of a car prior to sending it off to the shredder, the ELV will reduce labor costs, increase production and does it all within a 50 ft. (15.2 m) x 60 ft. (18.3 m) footprint under a roof if desired. The ELV has allowed operators to recapture one to two valuable acres (4000 – 8000 sq. m) in their yard.


  • Reduces space for the scrap operation which allows more space for inventory
  • Reduces environmental concerns including storm water run off and noise pollution
  • Shortened clean-up time
  • One-man operation
  • Maximized core and scrap values
  • Increased production rates

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